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Be a Dentist Again. Leave the Rest to Us.

When you partner with us, we handle the managerial and operational duties of running your business. This allows you to focus on what matters most – patient care.

A business relationship with us will enable you to continue in the practice you established, practice the kind of quality dentistry you want to practice without interference and have an experienced management team handle all of the administrative hassles of running a private practice. In addition, you have the opportunity to continue practicing, earn more money than ever before, and increase your retirement nest egg.

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Management Software Solution

Human Resources Management

Marketing Services

A great number of dentists today are frustrated with the aspects of managing a private practice. Alfa Dental Management can help you rekindle your passion for dentistry, earn more money than ever before and capitalize on the value of your practice before or after your retire.

Complimentary Business Assessment

We help our partners work smarter not harder to achieve the success they deserve. It’s so important to us that we offer a free evaluation of your business. Whether you’re a small practice wanting to grow or you’re considering selling your practice, we can help!

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